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The Santa Cruz County Assessor has completed upgrading the valuation software.  Consequently, effective January 23rd, the parcel information on the Assessor Parcel Search is NOT the most current and should be confirmed with the Assessor’s office.  We are in the process of updating the Parcel Search web-site to utilize the new software update.

The Tax information is correct and is not affected by the Assessor system.

Note that the Parcel Search web-site is for convenience.  All information contained here should be confirmed with the respective departments for any property documentation procedures.

If your tax information is missing or you believe it to be incorrect please contact the Treasurers Office at 520-375-7980 or email your Name and Parcel Number to:

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  • When searching using parcel ID enter whole book number (111), book and map numbers (111-11) or book, map and parcel numbers (111-11-111).
  • Use only letters and/or numbers in the search (dashes are okay in parcel ID searches).
  • Enter search terms for parcel id, tax id, owner name, and/or site address. You can also precede the terms with parcel:, tax:, owner:, or address: (the colon (:) is required) to limit your search to those criteria.

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